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#12679287 Sep 03, 2016 at 10:18 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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Greetings everyone. Its been about two months, and though not much has happened I think its time I did the news. It will be short, but will also cover everything.

I'd also like to start of with a bit of bad news, so this way we have something to look forward to further down this post.

Its been a few months, but our member Shinobi decided to leave us for his own respectable reasons. Its a shame, but im glad we still see in from time to time.

Our former member Devjin also decided to leave us, and though he told us no word of it, I wish him well.

I have decided to move one of our member; Redbullz to the 'Legend' section. He was with us for longer than even me, the one who actually advocated for my acceptance into this clan, but he has more pressing issues to deal with at the moment. Especially for a youngster like himself we all know how school and life in general can be demanding. We hope for your return real soon!

MsT*| Sovereign has been moved to the inactive section. We hope you come back soon!

Now time to talk about the severs:
After our sr8 and srp were targeted and suffered attacks a few months ago, we finally got around getting a new server for the job. Some have complained about them lagging, so I would like to gently remind us all that a better server comes with a price, and our current one will not last forever either. Ofcourse no one is obliged to, neither will anyone loose their rank if they don't, but please send me a private message if you are willing to help. You all know where to find me.

I think its also time for promotions, so here goes:

MsT*|Google ---> 30 = Member*
MsT*|noob ---> 40 = Admin*
MsT*|Coke ---> 40 = Admin*
MsT*|StupidKiller ---> 40 = Admin*
MsT*|Perfyde ---> 50 = Lieutenant Admin*
MsT*|Teddy ---> 70 = Elite Admin*
MsT*|e-dog ---> 80 = Senior Admin*
MsT*|Hugsforfree ---> 90 = Leaderboard*

Congratulations to all of you that have been promoted (thats most of the clan I believe) and know that each and everyone of you deserves it. Now to update your rights in the servers.... *roll eyes*

I hope you all have enjoyed your summer break and are ready to get back into it as most establishments such as schools start around this time. Good luck luck to all, and just to brag, I still got another month to go :D X)!!!

"DiscoDave is the mother of all scrotums"

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