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#13596534 Jan 07, 2018 at 08:34 PM
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Real name: (optional) Kristijan Horvatic
Ingame name: (Main game name) Mistake
Aliases: (all of your aliases from all versions) mistake, umadbro, spectre
Age: (optional) 18
Location: (where you're from) Bjelovar, Croatia
English skill: (level of English) 8
Other languages you know: (level of other languages if applicable) nope
Games: (games you play/have played) COD, PUBG, CS, Urban terror, GTA V...
Previous clans: (clans you've been in) =KsL=, nV.. , xG|
Your lvl/rank: (your lvl/rank at the clans, if any) co-leader and leader
Banned from servers: (servers you're banned from) nope
Ban reason(s): (specify reasons. Ignore, if not banned)
Reputation: (how are you known in UrT) very known :)
-------------------Urban Terror-------------------
Urban Terror Auth: (mandatory urt login) mistake
Skill lvl: (1 noob, 10 superpro. Your thought) 8
Skills in what: (what are you skilled in, ex. LR300 or jumping?) sr8+jumping
Years of playing: (how many years you've played UrT) about 6 i think (without 4 years of break)
Admin skill: (how much admin experience you got. How many years, and which lvl) 2 years with lvl 100
Are you willing to participate in scrims and private clann wars? (yes or no + reason) yes
Servers you've played most on: (all servers you've played alot on since you started playing UrT) xS sr8 only, acen sr8 only, acen zombie server, esp sr8 only, mst sr8 only xg sr8 only, xg zombie, casatown, and many others..
-------------------Other Games-------------------
How often do you play other games? not much..
Are you in other clans in those games? (yes/no) no
Most played games: (list the games) CSGO, PUBG, URBAN TERROR...
Are you willing to get/use Discord: (All our members use it to communicate) yes
Gametracker: (you got gametracker? Not needed) nope i think
Reason for applying: (your reason for applying, fill it out as much as you can, or we'd properly reject you) I already wrote it ill just copy it: well, I started playing urban terror again and I would like to be one of the members of Most wanted clan.. I remember how great it was when I was playing before and talking to members of clans..
Invitation?: (invited by who of the members? This gives better chance of getting accepted, but we still accept people without an invitation) nope
Will you wear MsT| tag at all times and on all servers with pride? (answer) yes
Will you respect MsT| members like they'll respect you? (answer) yes
Will you give in everything to make MsT| better? (answer) yes
Do you accept ALL rules, including admin/member rules? (answer yes
Will you keep the server clean for hackers and rule breakers? (answer) yes
Will you take your admin job more serious than game? (answer) yes
Are you planning to stay in MsT|? (answer) yes
Which members do you know already? (answer. Not by seeing their name, but knowing them i.e playing alot with them) nooby, 7up, gallac, whynot, castiel
Tell us about yourself: (put in as much as you can. This is very important) I finished my school, I have girlfriend,got myself a job, but i didnt like it so i quit... i dont know what to write about myself im not good at this..
What are your pc skills?: (photoshop, map making, pro gamer, community man etc. or just a normal gamer?) pro gamer and streamer soon
Tell us about a special moment for you in UrT, that makes UrT special for you: (answer)I dont know, I like the wall jumping..
Any additional info?: (tell us the rest here that doesn't fit in elsewhere) nope
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