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Real name: Raymond
Ingame name: 7up
Aliases: R4y
Age: 24.
Location: Colombia
English skill: Medium ( I can understand, I can write and answer so fast, but when i talk I’m little slowy)
Other languages you know: Spanish (Native), and regards Japanese, Italian, Francese.

Your colored text here...
Games: Halo 2,3 4, Halo Reach, Left 4 dead 2.
Previous clans: 7Up,GoD, Srt|.
Your lvl/rank: (40 /Moderator
Banned from servers: No
Ban reason(s): No
Reputation: Old player

-------------------Urban Terror-------------------Your colored text here...
Urban Terror Auth: r4ycn - basic
Skill lvl: (7 normal, I'm not that bad.
Skills in what: Sr8, jumping, Intuitive.
Years of playing: 7 years.
Admin skill: Not much could I say a 30, I've always liked the fair game
Are you going to participate in UZ and other tournaments?: If I have the opportunity, I would do it with pleasure.
Servers you've played most on: I do not remember many but I name some .. 1up kzh esp c9 z9

-------------------Other Games-------------------Your colored text here...
How often do you play other games?: 3 times per week
Are you in other clans in those games?: no
Most played games: Halo all versions, urt, Cod, Gears of war, God of war, black, tenchu, etc.
-------------------Other-------------------Your colored text here...
Are you willing to get/use Discord: (All our members use it to communicate): I have Discord and I have member 
Gametracker: No.
Reason for applying: I have had the opportunity to play on other sr8 servers, but I liked this one especially, I have been able to talk with several clan members among them (Most-Wanted - Whynot), they are very nice people, this is very correct and good server, I would like Be part of you and also contribute with my knowledge that I have of the game throughout all these years.

I want to present an application because I can show them that I am a correct person, only that I know how to do things in the best way, I want to be part of this wonderful clan that is giving me the opportunity as everyone, to be part of a new community.

I wish you all good wishes and soon happy Christmas. :)

Invitation?: No.
-------------------Questions-------------------Your colored text here...
Will you wear MsT*| tag at all times and on all servers with pride? Of course, with the head high.
Will you respect MsT*| members like they'll respect you? I will respect not only all MsT, but everyone in general.
Will you give in everything to make MsT*| better? Everything within my reach.
Do you accept ALL rules, including admin/member rules? Yes, the rules are important.
Will you keep the server clean for hackers and rule breakers? At all times, in the best possible way.
Will you take your admin job more serious than game? If giving the best example to all players, there is nothing better than a fair and respected admin.
Are you planning to stay in MsT*|? for a long time, if possible.
Which members do you know already? Wanted, but a little more Whynot.
Tell us about yourself:
Well, I am a father at 24 years old, so my sense of responsibility has increased too much, I like to do things right and fair, I am a lover of technology, I love video games, I like to ride a motorcycle, drive a car , the adrenaline that you feel is great when you go over 120 km / h.

I'm an IT Engineer, I study English, I have two jobs and a beautiful wife, I'm happy you could say, I like to eat everything, go for a walk, exercise and keep fit.

I want to learn to speak 5 languages before I die, well it is a goal that I have and I hope to do it as soon as possible.

Well it's a bit of me, there are many more, I have tastes and goals just like everyone else, I'm someone happy and positive, in the same way I hope they accept me, haha .. see u soon :)


What are your pc skills?: Photoshop, Cinema 4d, After Effects, Camtasia Studio, AutoCad, Blender, Dreamweaver 5, Hmtl, Java, and programs basic (All suite Office, Libreoffice), etc
Tell us about a special moment for you in UrT, that makes UrT special for you: It was the first game I played on the net, and I want to keep this game and that memory forever.
Any additional info?: no more for now.

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