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#13604790 Jan 13, 2018 at 02:48 AM
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Real name: (Daniel Paes Euzebio dos santos)
Name of Ingame: (Castiel)
Alias: (TV | Manson, Castiel)
Age: (19)
Skill in English: (7)
Other languages ​​you know: (Spanish, English, Portuguese)
Games: (games you played / played)
Previous Clans: (Violent Tactics, 4.1)
Your lvl / rank: (Rank 132)
Banned from servers: (servers you are excluded from)
Prohibit reason (s): (specify reasons, ignore if not banned)
Reputation: (As a normal player)
------------------- Urban Terror -------------------
Urban Terror Auth: (castiel157)
Skill lvl: (5)
Abilities in which: (Sr8)
Playing time: (6 hr)
Administrator skill: (I was administrator in 2015 in violent server tactics, Level 100: superadmin plus the server crashed. Shortly after the release of version 4.2)
Are you willing to participate in scrims and private clannish wars? (Yes)
Servers you've played the most with: (Violent Tactics, Nizarins, Fallenangels)
-------------------Others games-------------------
How often do you play other games? Few
Are you in other clans in these games? (no)
Most of the games played: (Point Blank)
-------------------From others-------------------
Are you willing to use / use Discord: (yes)
Gametracker: (I do not know what is it.)
Reason for application: (The reason why I want to join the clan and why I play a lot on the server and I like to help the members I'm always giving support to the players, although it's nothing, I think if I join to "family" "Team, I think it would be better for me and the players and, of course, for the server too, I'm great at finding technical problems, etc. and it would be an honor to be part of this family)
Invitation ?: (I was not called by anyone)
You will use MsT | tag at all times and on all servers with pride? (Yes, I will not use it as I will honor this tag)
You will respect the MsT | how will they respect you? (Yes, because we are a team we have to have body spirit "friendship always)
You will give everything to do MsT | Best? (if need be I would give anything for anything that would make MsT better.)
Do you accept ALL rules, including admin / member rules? (Yes)
Will you keep the server clean for hackers and rule breakers? (Yes, always taking care to be an honest server)
Are you going to take your administrative work more serious than the game? (Yes I want to spend more time caring than playing)
Are you planning to stay in MsT | (Yes, I really liked the members and admin, they are really cool and honest friends)
Which members do you already know? (MsT | WhyNot, MsT | nooby MsT | Mistake MsT | 7up)
Tell us about yourself: (Well, I do not know what to say about me, I spend 6 hours at the barracks "I'm a soldier in the Brazilian army" and, the rest of the time, touch the urban terror, I'm kind, I like talk to everyone, I'm friendly to everyone, sometimes I'm a little annoyed because I'm impatient.I do not like to wait any longer, this is changing, I'm a little shy, I like football and that's it)
What are the skills of your PC ?: (I understand photoshop, I understand technical support or ingame, I am a great help "helper." I understand some mapping ...)
Tell us about a special moment for you in UrT, which makes UrT special for you: (When I started playing, I made lots of friends, and whenever I stay away from the game I miss it that makes it special for me)
Any additional information?: (I want to leave my Facebook for anyone who wants to add, I'm Brazilian, but I can talk a little and I want to be part of this family ...
I'm here to help as best I can.

Best regards

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