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Urban Terror


Can u please tell me why i am banned or pb in mst zombie?I was playing on server, then i disconnect and i went on eq zombie, after about 20 min i came back and it say BANNED IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS!?dafuq , i know i've been raging, but soz thats ju...
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Urban Terror

The PgS-Clan

Hello my friends,in the last few days I noticed anything about the PgS-Clan.The following doesn't count for all in this clan.- Monty- York- Shivaand other players which I forgot the name.These players are ragers, insulters and campers.This poste i...
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Urban Terror

Sr8 server maps

Hello guys , some people are arguing about always the same map 'Turnpike ' why we dont make a vote for make a list of map , like 3-4 only just for other maps , i'm sur it will be cool :)i want other maps too *-* Aha :)
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Urban Terror

Mission Impossible Problems.

Put inactivity force to spec when a player is not moving for 1 minute or so? there is a player right now afk and cause I died I gotta wait..Another problem is the HK's on the bots, it's not even challenging if they spam with the HK, shoot near you...
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Urban Terror

Sr8 serv problem

The problem is that there is not shown auth name and the thing that is supposed to be a level system is very bad in my opinion, Please only show level next to the name and put auth back, Auth name login is more important than the freakin level sys...
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Urban Terror

Fake MsT Member

So I was playing on MsT sr8 server and I see this guy in spec hm? Look at the tag closelyHere is his id click hereCheers :DEdit: That was just Ghost raging sorry here is the good screenshotEdit2: Sorry again that was an old MsT PCW for the last ...
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Urban Terror

Sr8 Server 4.2 Admins[Solved]

Hello everone, I think the most of you know me.. I wanna talk about the admins on the sr8 server, especially Mst Galacc (aka. Exquamin, Gold..)..I know that i cant decide anything, cause im not an mst member, but I wanna says to you that u have to...
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Urban Terror

Sr8 server

So.. If anyone with the access could PLEASE enable the default spree plugin but still have the spreemod plugin on would be great, spreemod plugin is for the weapons&health achievement and the deafult one is for killing spree messages. I could ...
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Urban Terror

Information tournament 2v2

hey guys SnoW here with information about tour 2v2:1st match-Curadise 1-5 1hW-leftlovers 3-9 first map and 5-9 second map (10min each)2nd match-FurySnoW 5-1 Taube NĂ¼sschen 20:0 first map and 15:1 second map (10min each)3rd match Gallac&Disco -...
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Urban Terror

Tournament 2v2 Competition

Hi guys, the tournament already started and there are 9 teams in competition.u must start play your matches against your 1st enemy because 2 teams already started and u will can see that in website wich i will send url in the end of this post. I t...
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Urban Terror

Zombie Server

@splashy & MsT: The Map ''Cementry666'' should be removed from the Server, due to ''non popularity'' Shortly said: The Map isnt good for Zombies! (Everybody always leaves when the Map comes up)ut4_hexagon_v1 Should be added, due to wishes of t...
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Urban Terror

Mod Changes On Sr8 server and Level updates!

Yoo, Phantasyy here!. So I as you know it's time for some members to get their levels updated and so.. So the members that I have updated the levels on for now is Gallacc that is using his new alias now " Exquamin ", Spawari and then there is Pop...
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Urban Terror

Zombie Mod modified & More Plugins!

Yoooooo! The exhausted phantasyy Is here:*( Hehe Jokes aside, So Today I got some time over cause I was home from school. So I added another plugin that is very useful and I changed some settings so that you can do !spam glitch / camp / lang, what...
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Urban Terror

yoo guys some competition

Yoo guys im accually creating a new tour 2v2All players interested contact me by PM or ts3.20 minutes each mapNeed to have authTake demo2 playersAll wepJust send me a PM with ur name and the other player( dont forget send auth too)More information...
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Urban Terror

New things done today.

Yoo! Phantasyy here, So I just got done with a few things, Firstly. Thanks a lot quick for creating the whatiscamp plugin so now all you have to do is write !whatiscamp or shortcmd !wcamp to see what is camping and what isn't. Also I created a plu...
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Urban Terror

MsT*| UZ tournament

Hey MsT*| brothers, here redbullz. I want talk about uZ tournament.Like i know, MsT*| will participate in UZ and for that happen we need representants playing in this famous tournament. The registers to registe teams in UZ end in 15th February, th...
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Urban Terror


Hello guys, I'm here to tell you one thing, our match sunday against, it's not sunday !!It's today at 19 0'clock GMT 1+ ..So ... Who can play ??
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Urban Terror

Guess who'z back!'m backkkkkk!!!!!!(Watch in HD)
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Urban Terror


Hello all,as i said before and like u noticed i didn t insult or anything or made anything bad...But that s not why i m here.We would like to make a small tournement that contains some of the best clans as:1hw,Ksl..maby onother 2 as:DsT and maby y...
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Urban Terror

My Goodbye

Hi some of you know me as exmiq whatis or phantasy which is the name I go by today. I just want to let all of you know that I'm leaving MsT ( left today ). I really enjoyed the time in MsT tho and it really taught me a lot of things that I would n...
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