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MsTwD*|Sr8 & Pistol setup

So on this server everyone has access to !bitchslap and !mslap command.Additionally mslap seems to take an arbitrarily high integer as argument, so I could slap someone for 999999999 times and it just doesn't stop, anyone who connects to that slot...
Small Lochverstärker 3y
Lochverstärker71656Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
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MsT sr8 mod

Hey guys, just letting u know that the mod commands like !help and and any commands aren't working... If I've missed something and the server is being updated or something pls ignore this. I'm not the only one having this problem either. Thx
Small FxNjssxl 3y
FxNjssxl2807Small redbullzz 3y
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Admin Linda(Shopper)

Hi MsT Community. I have a problem with your admin Linda. She is mad admin. When i killed her she says 'camp'. But there isn't camp. I was patient. I said she is my friend she will be ok. But she didnt. And now sorry linda i have to report you . ...
Small Pia 3y
Pia61530Small redbullzz 3y
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Sr8-server - Problems and what should be changed.

Hey, i open a new thread and there are already threads with problems, i know. But we could concentrate us here now about the sr8-server in its actual condition.Please report bugs and about everthing you think its wrong.I start with the following:-...
Small MsTwD*|HugsForFree 3y
MsTwD*|HugsForFree4928866Small redbullzz 3y
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what the fk is going on?

Seriously, wat the fk is going on??? what is peoples problem, Look I dont give a fuck if you call yourself to be undercover or not. You dont join a fucking server and first thing you do is swear or use abusive language towards players, like idiot ...
Small Phantasyy 3y
Phantasyy71279Small MsTwD*|Quick'* 3y
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This Guy was saying bad thing to MsT*|HugsForFree
Small Panda`/PneX` 3y
Panda`/PneX`4928Small MsTwD*|HugsForFree 3y
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for splashing

1st here2nd here
Small Kammiz 3y
Kammiz51115Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
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Today I was playing and this player abusing his admin lvl to be human in 3 maps a rowas an excuse .. he said he was training
Small balaur 3y
balaur183727Small Phantasyy 3y
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Leader Rexxie

Hi Together,Tonight we played a pcw ( like usuall ) against you . The player and coleader "Rexxie" has been there also. We played 3 maps. (random information xd ). Well after winning the 2nd map and start playing on the 3rd map which we also won h...
Small Perfectionist 3y
Perfectionist51231Small Phantasyy 3y
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I don't how do you choose your admins (or remaining ones)

----- SPOILER ALERT ------Now I have your attention. Before starting a discussion (which is not the goal), I'll only point 1 issue that happened to me in your Sr8 server. You know that I don't like problems or judging, I'm here for making a sugges...
Small Makise 3y
Makise91813Small Phantasyy 3y
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no stamina mod

Hi all,I am Snowball from [KUT] clan. We have a SR8-only server, but we never play on it because we first want to fix the stamina. We tried to change the stamina in the config files (server.cfg and q3config) but nothing happens. We want unlimited ...
Small Snowball 3y
Snowball51080Small Snowball 3y
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Peroxium Abuser

Hi guys! Nice to see u all :DI'm sad here to report Peroxium, cause he is not in our clan yet but he has powers in our zmb server.Today he raged and abused cause he was red and all blues were camping. Its bad but its allowed!!He gave a warn to a p...
Small TuzTuz 3y
TuzTuz163345Small RobzFawx 3y
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problem with Mi server

it shouldn't be humans vs bots?
Member avatar small DeStRoY 4y
DeStRoY61249Member avatar small DeStRoY 4y
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Inappropriate Conduct

On Saturday the 10th of January 2015 two players of whom go by the names of "MilfHunter.Mpeg" and "I'm History!!!" got involved in racial commentary in the Sr8 server. This happened right after I asked a player called "Gluck" for the colour code o...
Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 4y
MsTwD*|Gallacc194275Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 4y
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Mst*|xSkillz rules avoider

Hello all guys!I'm here to report a problem...Today B3 down in zmb server and some people abuse because they knoe we cant punish them...One of this is Kamilkos: Language and also \kill for avoid deathThis is the screen of his rule15 braking.Rulebr...
Small TuzTuz 4y
TuzTuz183661Small Phantasyy 4y
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MsT*|xSkillzZ Abuse rights.

Hey Guys !I know this will look weird but yes, it's truth. He abuse his rights a little. Few times saw him abusing but always I was at other nick.Today I was at spec because I go to shop. I told him that and what I saw when I'm back ? Look at this...
Small MsTwD*|`BeSy`` 4y
MsTwD*|`BeSy``2315636Small redbullzz 4y
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sp3xi camping in 1v1

here we got some evidence of MsT*|Sp3xi' camping in a 1v1 situationView My Video
Member avatar small Riepie 4y
Riepie142768Small Kammiz 4y
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Little kids.

I'm here to report little boys that abuse of some things on Zombie Server of our clan. They are insulting, accusing, spamming, threating me ,... I DON'T ACCEPT THAT ! Everytime tittle frenches boys are doing like that because they think that they'...
Small K1LL3R` 4y
K1LL3R`2717855Small :{Per}: RexXxie 4y
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RusTy glitching

This " RusTy " guy was glitching in the map " Unload " Eventhough me and a few others told him to get down several times he did it pretty much every round.serve him justice plzView My VideoView My Video
Member avatar small Riepie 4y
Riepie71350Small MsTwD*|CrazY3 4y
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Maybe wallhack auto?

Okay in this video you have to check for any kind of hack.His not lagging, and then he have long, with no lag.
Small SpotiFiZ 4y
SpotiFiZ152652Small SpotiFiZ 4y