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Vote for a new option in the only SR8 server

some ppl like to play only SR but in my opinion the game is a bit dull, and less realist that way, I have played few days ago on the server and there were nades + SR8 and the game was really fun, and more dynamic, every one was enjoying the game a...
Small whyn0t 1y
whyn0t2115556Small MsTwD*|HugsForFree 1y

Few suggestions

I would like to suggest few things since i think, i can consider my self a regular on the mst servers, calling the next map vote: - the admin defines a set of map from whom the next map can be selected --> !maplist -> 1-Casa 2- TP 3...
Small whyn0t 2y
whyn0t122224Member avatar small MsT*|Unlimited 2y

Ts Server it's a good idea ?

Like you can see on chupa Chups Apply Here I explain my dissatisfaction with the performance of Clan servers even if i'm not members, it's bad to see it. I have a idea.. Like you can see too, Zombie servers ( Normal, Money etc) and Freeze servers...
Small MsTwD*|Chicken`` 3y
MsTwD*|Chicken``101471Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y

Alliance between MsTwD and eQ

Hello guys,It's a long time ago i spoke to you all,Well i shall come to the point a long story can be told in a other theard.This message is specific for the leaders atm Gallac and Quick as i understood.So hey guys as you both know i am going to s...
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Google3016530Small agangofkittens 3y


Hey Friends....I was on ur server 2 times and wut i saw shocked me bad for the clan and for the serverUr admins is warning players for nothing and kicking...i dont wanna say who they was .... i know i'm not member but just giving advice becuz i ...
Small shad0w 3y
shad0w91670Small redbullzz 3y

Petition to add tetris to the map pool

Hello. I am bob_saget, a devout player of UrT. I post here to try and persuade the admins of the Mst Sr8 Server to add the tetris map.So bob, why should I add this map?I'm glad you asked. The UrT community is becoming less and less sane as the sam...
Small bob_saget 3y
bob_saget142656Small MsTwD*|e-dog 3y

MsT Zombie server

I was just wondering if the zombie server would be able to come back from MsT, A lot of players from other zombie servers are saying stuff like "Wow this server sucks I wish MsT zombie was still around" If you guys brought zombies back MsT would b...
Small Alegro / Mint 3y
Alegro / Mint71370Small Alegro / Mint 3y

New mapcycle in zombie server

Hey guys :) What's up ??? :DIn Leaderboard chat we decided make a new mapcycle because our players are always saying "this map is realy bad" "unfair map" and other things and we must change that :) In my oppinion our new mapcycle must be short wit...
Small redbullzz 3y
redbullzz133119Small MsTwD*|HugsForFree 3y

Server problems (Thanks for your kindness.)

Hi guys. I just want ot inform you about some problems I found on the server. First of all, it lags a lot so sometimes it is a bit hard to play, people are complainning about it.Then, so far people can vote for another map but when they do, all vo...
Small Almohadilla# 3y
Almohadilla#2722Small :{Per}: RexXxie 3y

MsT*|Sr8 only server

hey guysHow about install level like:0-99!level!level (name of the player)I think if u guys install this on b3 the server will be more popular ;)SnoW
Small SnoW 3y
SnoW2716034Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y

Zombie CUP 2v2 or 3v3

Hey MsT Family :) I'm writing this because I would liek to create other tournament here in MsT but this time for all players in urt !!! Like u know, since kDo died our zombie server is getting popular again, but we lost some realy nice players zom...
Small redbullzz 3y
redbullzz163034Small RobzFawx 3y

Zombie Server Suggestion

So I got this idea in my brain, yes my little small brain got an idea, amazing huh? hopefully you guys will think the idea is amazing also! :) So the idea is that there is 10 rounds in a map we all know that plays there of course, What if you woul...
Small Phantasyy 3y
Phantasyy81631Small PopCorn* 3y

TS or TDM Money Server

I love the Money mod on few servers.And I think it would be a nice idea for a MsT|Money server.Please guys, write your opinion about this idea in the commentary.
Member avatar small Livius 4y
Livius142365Small MsTwD*|P3dr0 4y

BeSy's ideas

Hey guys, here redbullz :DI'm writing this to show all ideas of BeSy, he said to me all the ideas and who should post it was me, but I think if these ideas are of him should be in his name . I have a screenshot of Skype message and I'll show it an...
Small redbullzz 4y
redbullzz101953Small MsTwD*|e-dog 4y

Zombie Money server ????

Hi guys ! Here is redbullZ and I want talk with u about change zombie TDM for zombie Money. This week i'm playing very times zombie money, and I think it's a very good idea change server Zombie TDM for Zombie Money. Zombie Money is very popular an...
Small redbullzz 4y
redbullzz3769Small redbullzz 4y
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Tournament Christmas LMS

Hi MsT family ! When we were planning this tournament 1 member gave a excellent idea. Tournament LMS. I was thinking in Tournament with very teams, but LMS Tournament is very cool too. If it's LMS we will do groups with 5 or 4 or 3 players in grou...
Small redbullzz 4y
redbullzz5013561Small Phantasyy 4y

Christmas Tournament (:

Hey (:I'm writing this thread for talk about Christmas Tournament. I have this idea in last week because next month is December and December=Friends=Family.We are all friends and 1 big family and how we are a biiigg family we can do a CHRITSMAASS ...
Small redbullzz 4y
redbullzz3612231Small Phantasyy 4y

Mapcycle review

hai,it's been few times i play on your zombie but what i've seen so far is boring, the mapcycle is a lil bit f***ed up, by f***ed up i mean, picked map and for how much player.I think you should review the whole mapcycle think and make poll for ma...
Small Dark-Spirit 4y
Dark-Spirit4848Small Dark-Spirit 4y
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4.2 Tournament MsT !

Dear members, I have suggestion for make this clan more fun , and Know who is the best ! XD I want make à Zombie tournament on 4.2 server ! And if it work We will make a big tournament for all players . Rules : Rule 1: - This is for members only.R...
Small MsTwD*|Chicken`` 4y
MsTwD*|Chicken``11339990Small redbullzz 4y

Map Suggestions

Add they following maps : Presidio_V4ut4_littletown4ut4_dust2_rc or ut4_dust2_v3but4_rctf8ut4_dockut4_imdDelete they following maps : ut4_stairway2lol_b3 ( All players ask me change this map , or they disconnect. ) ut4_offshore ( Bad map ) ut4_two...
Small MsTwD*|Chicken`` 4y
MsTwD*|Chicken``111893Small MsTwD*|Chicken`` 4y