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[Pinned] Application Form

[Pinned] Application Form

The official application form: (copy and paste it into your app post) & name is (name)'s Application. For example, Splashing!'s Application Updated 10/04/2015-------------------General-------------------Real name: (your real life name)Ingame n...
Small Splashing! 4y
Splashing!11783Small Splashing! 4y

Castiel APP

-------------------General-------------------Real name: (Daniel Paes Euzebio dos santos)Name of Ingame: (Castiel)Alias: (TV | Manson, Castiel)Age: (19)Location:Skill in English: (7)Other languages ​​you know: (Spanish, English, Portuguese)--------...
Small Castiel 1y
Castiel1412Small Castiel 1y

|7up| App :)

-------------------General-------------------Real name: RaymondIngame name: 7upAliases: R4y Age: 24.Location: ColombiaEnglish skill: Medium ( I can understand, I can write and answer so fast, but when i talk I’m little slowy)Other languages you kn...
Small |7up| 1y
|7up|1436Small |7up| 1y

Mistake reApp

-------------------General-------------------Real name: (optional) Kristijan HorvaticIngame name: (Main game name) MistakeAliases: (all of your aliases from all versions) mistake, umadbro, spectreAge: (optional) 18Location: (where you're from) Bje...
Small Mistake 1y
Mistake1417Small Mistake 1y

Application Mistake

-------------------General-------------------Real name: (your real life name) Kristijan HorvaticIngame name: (your ingame name) Mistake/MistakeTVAliases: (all of your aliases from all versions) mistake, uMadBro?, SpectreAge: (your age) 18Location:...
Small Mistake 1y
Mistake2574Small MsTwD*|noob 1y

Whyn0t Application

Real name: ismailIngame name: WhynotAliases: jiro (4.0->4.2)Age: 29Location: AlgeriaEnglish skill: 5/10Other languages you know: arabic, French -------------------Detailed-------------------Games: old games, i don't remember the name Previous c...
Small MsTwD*|noob 1y
MsTwD*|noob3940Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 1y

h@rdcore* is back :S

-------------------General-------------------Real name: DmitryIngame name: h@rdcore*Aliases: h@rdcore* ChleniXAge:18Location: EstoniaEnglish skill: Normal.Other languages you know: russian very good estonia very good-------------------Detailed---...
Small MsTwD*|oCeaN* 2y
MsTwD*|oCeaN*3019340Small MsTwD*|oCeaN* 2y

The Boy is BACK

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Christopher]Ingame name: SpawariAliases: Zzyzx, HG6P, SekCAge: 19 (almost 20 cmon dude)Location: Heaven (just kidding i'm from Bordeaux in France)English skill: Good enoughOther languages you...
Small MsTwD*|Spawari 2y
MsTwD*|Spawari3720917Small agangofkittens 2y

Plz accept T_T

Splishy plz accept me T_T i love u <3
Small agangofkittens 2y
agangofkittens5981Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 2y


Hey guys! There have been some changings made for the Recruitment.I think many in the Recruitment Department don't really know what it is and they just joined it because they're really really lazy :P So here's what they do:The Recruitment Departme...
Small :{Per}: RexXxie 3y
:{Per}: RexXxie0603Small :{Per}: RexXxie 3y
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