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Application - Accepted


-------------------General-------------------Real name: (your real life name) AndreasIngame name: (your ingame name) blazefantasyy or phantasyyAliases: (all of your aliases from all versions) exmiq,Phys1x other are listed above.Age: (your age) 16,...
Small Phantasyy 2y
Phantasyy5133141Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 2y
Application - Accepted

Hey Guys ;)

-------------------General-------------------Real name: HubertIngame name: `D II`Aliases: BeSy``, `U`Mad`Bruh?`Age: 20Location: Poland, CracowEnglish skill: I guess it's pretty good :)Other languages you know: hmmm that is hard I won't explain why...
Small MsTwD*|`BeSy`` 3y
MsTwD*|`BeSy``3220815Small MsTwD*|`BeSy`` 3y
Application - Accepted

Chicken Apply's

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Jammie BIngame name: Chicken`` Aliases: CocaColaAge: 20 years OldLocation: France, MarseilleEnglish skill: GoodOther languages you know: French, Arabic-------------------Detailed-------------...
Small MsTwD*|Chicken`` 3y
MsTwD*|Chicken``2817761Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
Application - Accepted

Scream's 'application'

---------------General-------------------Real name:  TomIngame name: ScreamAliases: ValvE (2006-2009) Scream (2010-future)Age: 20Location: GermanyEnglish skill: Good Other languages you know: German-------------------Detailed-------------------Gam...
Member avatar small ValvE 3y
ValvE3419376Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
Application - Accepted

Application Google

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Michael FosterIngame name: GoogleAliases: To long list lolAge: 15Location: NetherlandsEnglish skill: SplendidlyOther languages you know: English, Dutch, German-------------------Detailed-----...
Small Google 3y
Google132152Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
Application - Accepted

Shinobi's Application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: BillyIngame name: ShinobiAliases: Shaolin, Art, Nvidiance, NixAge: 21Location: USAEnglish skill: I can manage, due to it being my first language.Other languages you know: Spanish; Can speak i...
Small Shinobi 3y
Shinobi3424085Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
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Application - Accepted

Application for MsT

-------------------General-------------------Real name: AndreasIngame name: Phantasyy,blazefantasyy or for now im using fLICKGAME.fantasyyAliases: exmiq,whatis and those above.Age: 16 in 4 months.Location: SwedenEnglish skill: Understandable, pret...
Small Phantasyy 3y
Phantasyy9151413Small Phantasyy 3y
Application - Accepted


-------------------General-------------------Real name: Leandro BrancoAliases: SnowAge: 18Location: Sweden-------------------Detailed-------------------Your lvl/rank: 25Banned from servers: no-------------------Urban Terror-------------------Skill...
Small SnoW 3y
SnoW2618459Small SnoW 3y
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Application - Accepted

Application JaCkie Kawaii :3

Real name: Javier YakilIngame name: JaCkieAliases: JaCky, jackyjok, jackie, //(TH3!!JOK3R!!Old name)//Age: 23Location: NorwayEnglish skill: 8/10 (low lvl to Speaky 6/10)Other languages you know: Spanish 10/10, Norsk 10/10 Germany 4/10 ----------...
Small JaCkie 3y
JaCkie4929035Small Splashing! 3y
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Application - Accepted

Is this real life? :o

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Christopher TavaresIngame name: SpawariAliases: Sekc / HotGuy6Pack / Darshan / ZzyzxAge: 18Location: Bordeaux, FranceEnglish skill: Good enough i guess, never had any problems in the past so ...
Small MsTwD*|Spawari 3y
MsTwD*|Spawari4529381Small Phantasyy 3y
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Application - Accepted

Perfyde Application !

-------------------General-------------------Real name: PaulIngame name: Perfyde Aliases: PerfydeAge: I am 17Location: I live now in France, in Marseille, but I lived 3 years in Tunisia. English skill: I think I am around the B2 level.Other langua...
Small Perfyde 3y
Perfyde5027114Small MsTwD*|e-dog 3y
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Application - Accepted

BB`Q Application (Again)

-------------------General-------------------Real name: ThomasIngame name: BB`QAliases: I'm not using aliases at the momentAge: 19 until septemberLocation: FranceEnglish skill: I'm ok, people understand meOther languages you know: French (mother t...
Small MsTwD*|BB`Q 3y
MsTwD*|BB`Q5836524Small MsTwD*|BB`Q 3y
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Application - Accepted

TeddySheep' application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: DiegoIngame name: TeddySheep'Aliases: Sheep*Age: 15Location: ColombiaEnglish skill: Pretty goodOther languages you know: Spanish-------------------Detailed-------------------Games: Well on PC...
Small MsTwD*|Teddy 3y
MsTwD*|Teddy5636330Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
Application - Accepted

kitten'z application!

-------------------General-------------------Real name: DanyIngame name: agangofkittensAliases: MeowMeow, Cat, CarrotZAge: 19Location: Czech RepublicEnglish skill: Pretty good ;)Other languages you know: German (some), Czech (very good) and Russia...
Small agangofkittens 3y
agangofkittens2518444Small Odin 3y
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Application - Accepted

kammiz's Application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: AlexIngame name: kammizAliases: *most of you know me so if anybody has anything they wanna know just comment it below*Age: 15Location: EnglandEnglish skill: my english is very badOther langua...
Small Kammiz 3y
Kammiz6347813Small Odin 3y
1 2 3 4
Application - Accepted

Linda's Application

Real name: Linda Ingame name: ShopperAliases: Linda, Shopper Age: 18Location: Germany, AugsburgEnglish skill: I can understand People and write, so its not a ProblemOther languages you know: German ( Mother Language ) And a little bit English-----...
Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
MsTwD*|Gallacc7549060Small Odin 3y
Application - Accepted

Mint Re-Application Form

-------------------General-------------------Real name: MattIngame name: MintAliases: Mint Dipset39 Lildip DarkShadowAge: 18Location: CanadaEnglish skill: 10Other languages you know: French, not to well either.-------------------Detailed----------...
Small Alegro / Mint 3y
Alegro / Mint2920053Small Alegro / Mint 3y
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Application - Accepted

Kamm's application

hmm i wantto be in mst :D I don't want me to describe myself... you know me :D my nick: kamm:*. i i play 6 years ;)2 or 3 :o years i play only sr8. i was in 1HW :D i ve holidays and a lot of time :> I don't know English well, so i dont use ts :...
Small kamm:* 3y
kamm:*7650288Small :{Per}: RexXxie 3y
Application - Accepted

Old Pro Player

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Leandro BrancoAliases: i dont have :pAge: 18Location: Portugal-------------------Detailed-------------------Your lvl/rank: 1350Banned from servers: no-------------------Urban Terror----------...
Small SnoW 3y
SnoW194101Small ToMaS# 3y
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Application - Accepted

NoZone Apply

-------------------General-------------------Real name: KevinIngame name: NoZoneAliases: NoZone,ndso,MsT*|NoZone'',''NoZone'',nklsAge: 17Location: ItalyEnglish skill: 1/10 my english skill --> 8/9Other languages you know: French skill --> 10...
Member avatar small NoZone 3y
NoZone5136926Small MsTwD*|P3dr0 3y