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Application - Denied

PLZZZ let me join the clan XDDDDDDDDD

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Zakaria SalhiIngame name: 'marocaineAliases: Sho0t3R, Donnie-Brasco and 'marocaineAge: 17Location: NetherlandsEnglish skill: I can understand everything and you'll understand me, but its not ...
Small 'marocaine 2y
'marocaine164371Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 2y
Application - Denied

hi i would like to join the site and clan, i will make an applicatio

Real name: João DiasIngame name: GTA5Age: 19Location: PortugualEnglish skill: more or lessOther languages you know:GoodGames: Urt 4.2 - cal of duty Mw3 -GTA5Previous clans: in any seriousBanned from servers:I am not prohibited Reputation:not muchU...
Member avatar small GTA5 2y
GTA5162768Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 2y
1 2 3 4
Application - Denied

ChupaChups Application's

-------------------General-------------------Real name: LilianIngame name: ChupaChupsAliases: XAge: 15Location: From franceEnglish skill: Peoples understand meOther languages you know: French -------------------Detailed-------------------Games: Ur...
Small ChupaChups 3y
ChupaChups6540579Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
Application - Denied

APP c(:xlr

Real name: Roberto HernandezIngame name: c(:xlrAliases: Sketch', Xz'Age: 20Location: USAEnglish skill: PerfectOther languages you know: Spanish -------------------Detailed-------------------Games: Just Urban TerrorPrevious clans: pm|, 6th|, vSn'Yo...
Member avatar small c(:xlr 3y
c(:xlr152501Small MsTwD*|BB`Q 3y
1 2 3
Application - Denied

Limbos Application

Real name: JordiIngame name: LimbosAliases: staxxxAge: 16Location: SpainEnglish skill: 6 (from 1-10)Other languages you know: Spanish-------------------Detailed-------------------Games: CS:GO, Clash of ClansPrevious clans: sC'|, ESP| (two times), ...
Small Limbos 3y
Limbos5533622Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
Application - Denied

Jordy Shean MsT Application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Jordy SheanIngame name: FxNKnightHunterAliases: Mistake, Kammiz, Exquamin, Kamm.Age: 16Location: Victoria, AustraliaEnglish skill: The Best, I’m Australian…Other languages you know: German, b...
Small FxNjssxl 3y
FxNjssxl2645Small :{Per}: RexXxie 3y
Application - Denied

Mistake again

-------------------General-------------------Real name: (your real life name) Kristijan HorvaticIngame name: (your ingame name) MistakeAliases: (all of your aliases from all versions) uMadBro? Mr_KikyIngame server IDs: (list all ids from our serve...
Small Mistake 3y
Mistake51048Small Splashing! 3y
1 2 3
Application - Denied

PneX` Application for MsT*|

Real name: (your real life name)(My Name Full Name Is Raciech Nikolova)Ingame name: (your ingame name)(My in game name is PneX`.)Aliases: (all of your aliases from all versions)(I dont have any aliias from 41. or 4.2)Age: (your age)(I am 15 right ...
Small Panda`/PneX` 3y
Panda`/PneX`6018911Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
Application - Denied

Application for MST

Real name: (your real life name) Benny ChowIngame name: (your ingame name) EternumNocturneAliases: (all of your aliases from all versions) NoneAge: (your age)16Location: (where you're from)Canada, BurnabyEnglish skill: (how good are you to English...
Member avatar small EternumNocturne 3y
EternumNocturne4898Small MsTwD*|Quick'* 3y
1 2 3 4
Application - Denied

ExTaZz1 Application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Sergi ArbolesIngame name: ExTaZz1Aliases: G4R4, TikiTiki:), ExTaZz1Age: 16Location: SpainEnglish skill: MediumOther languages you know: Spain 100%-------------------Detailed-----------------...
Member avatar small ExTaZz1 3y
ExTaZz16439350Small redbullzz 3y
Application - Denied

Booki ap !

Real name: KylianIngame name: Booki','Aliases: Flyy'.'Age: 20 , soon 21 :dLocation: BelgiumEnglish skill: i can speak a little english in talk but on teamspeak my accent is bad :sOther languages you know: french power !-------------------Detailed-...
Small Booki'.' 3y
Booki'.'71201Small MsTwD*|Quick'* 3y
Application - Denied

Mistake Application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: (your real life name) Kristijan HorvaticIngame name: (your ingame name) MistakeAliases: (all of your aliases from all versions) uMadBro?, Mr_KikyIngame server IDs: (list all ids from our serv...
Small Mistake 3y
Mistake2814441Small Splashing! 3y
1 2 3 4
Application - Denied

ChupaChups's application.

-------------------General-------------------Real name: LilianIngame name: ChupaChupsAliases: XAge: 15Location: France English skill: Little bad Other languages you know: French -------------------Detailed-------------------Games: Urban Terror Pre...
Small ChupaChups 3y
ChupaChups6842298Small :{Per}: RexXxie 3y
1 2 3
Application - Denied


-------------------General-------------------Real name: DavidIngame name: fakerAliases: AmazingKid, Amazing, NoOb[CZ]Age: 15Location: Czech republicEnglish skill: 5/10 maybeOther languages you know: Czech (CZ) 10/10, Slovakia (SK) 7/10------------...
Member avatar small -Deleted- 3y
-Deleted-4930944Small Splashing! 3y
Application - Denied

XploidLaabs app^-^

Real name: Daniel OchoaIngame name: XploidLaabsAliases: (all of your aliases from all versions)Age: 17Location: MéxicoEnglish skill: 6/10Other languages you know: Spanish 10/10Games: (games you play/ed)Previous clans: -Your lvl/rank: -Banned from ...
Member avatar small XploidLaabs 3y
XploidLaabs2115257Small :{Per}: RexXxie 3y
1 2 3
Application - Denied

JohnKum application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: JohnIngame name: JohnKumAliases: JohnKumAge: 17 years oldLocation: FranceEnglish skill: I think my english is goodOther languages you know: French (I'm a native French)-------------------Deta...
Member avatar small JohnKum 3y
JohnKum4726139Small MsTwD*|Gallacc 3y
1 2 3 4
Application - Denied

Malvo - Application

-------------------General-------------------Real name: (Pierre-Lorenzo Della Torre)Ingame name: (Malvo)Aliases: (no aliases)Age: (16)Location: (France)English skill: (Good level)Other languages you know: (French Perfectly /German a little bit)---...
Member avatar small Malvo 3y
Malvo7849278Small MsTwD*|Quick'* 3y
Application - Denied

Application sTaxXx

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Jordi LimbosIngame name: sTaxXxAliases: |EsP|Limbos, Limbos, sTaxXx,sC*|sTaxXxAge: 16Location: SpainEnglish skill: it's goodOther languages you know: spanish,catalan,-------------------Detail...
Member avatar small staxxx 3y
staxxx153004Small Odin 3y
Application - Denied

Maximus Apply

-------------------General-------------------Real name: Jose Geraldo G de CarvalhoIngame name: maximusbfAliases: noAge: 46Location: BrazilEnglish skill: low but i can learnOther languages you know: portuguese and spanish-------------------Detailed...
Small SnoW 3y
SnoW183518Small MsTwD*|HugsForFree 3y
1 2 3
Application - Denied

Correct Apply - Fara

-------------------General-------------------Real name: AntoineIngame name: FaraAliases: Fara`` / FaraTheKing / nyancat[!] / Bentley[!] / SummerIsComing`` / ``{Skydrow}``Age: 17Location: FrenchEnglish skill: Not bad, i can translate but i make mis...
Member avatar small Fara 3y
Fara4925278Small MsTwD*|Quick'* 3y