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News Of December!

MsTwD*|Quick'* / Dec 01, 2014 / Monthly News
Hey all!
It's 1st December and it's finally time for christmas. Lets start the countdown!
To those who don't have christmas, just enjoy the news :)
Well enough of that, lets get to the news, because there're alot of them this month.

New Members!
MsT*|Cruz joined MsT*| clan recently. He's a good guy with some skills. Welcome! Read his app here: Click Here!
MsT*|Hydroxium joined MsT*| clan. He's a talented coder and from New Zealand. Welcome! Read his app here: Click Here!
MsT*|hardc0re joined MsT*| clan. He's a nice guy and hopefully good for our clan. Read his app here: Click Here!
MsT*|e-dog joined MsT*| clan. He's from Denmark and a nice guy with some good skills. Hopefully he'll be good. Read his app here: Click Here!
Welcome them all and have fun. They'll all get lvl 10.

New Lvls!
Now it has been quite a while, since we last gave out lvls to older members. I thought it was time to give several members higher lvl, since they deserve it alot.
The lucky members, who gets higher lvl are:
MsT*|redbullz got highered to lvl 40, he has been very active in the Event Management, which is the main reason for this, but also because he's active at the servers and doing a good job.
MsT*|Destroy got highered to lvl 20 earlier this month, he has been active and a faithful member for over a month, and he deserve a higher lvl.
MsT*|Besy got highered to lvl 40, he's active and fair on our servers. He got good opinions and we're sure, that he'll do better with admin lvl.
MsT*|P3dr0 got highered to lvl 60, he's a loyal member and tries to use as much time on MsT as possible. He's also fair and has made some awesome stuff for us. Keep up the good work!

Urban Terror 4.2.021 Released!
November 15th, Urban Terror version 4.2.021 got released. It contained a new HUD, which looks awesome, but people got different opinions. It was welcomed well by the UrT community and that's something FS is happy about.
The new HUD is made only by 6th|Clear aka Clearskies. He's the only one left working on 4.2, because the rest of FS moved to work on HD, which is a good sign, that they want it out ASAP.
The new HUD isn't done yet, there're still stuff, that got its old look. Spectator/dead mode, menu and scoreboard. Therefore there'll come a few updates more for 4.2 with contents.

Mod Update!
In November we decided to move to another version of a 4.2 mod. This mod got a config, so it's like the 4.1 mod, but with many new features. We decided to move to this mod, because we then have better control over our mods. If we want to change a weapons damage value, then we can change it and reload the config.
MsT*|Sr8 Only was first to get updated and it got added a knife as suggested by some members. This showed how good the mod is. Knife got added with 0 damage, so if you prefer jumping with a knife, or want to boot, then have fun with the knife. Remember it's still Sr8 only!
MsT*|Zombie TS got some weapons changed. Mostly damage got changed to balance the gameplay. Also other weapons got balanced and should be playable again. This is made mainly to get people to play other weapons, than the same all the time, which result in the same gameplay all the time. Several other features got added and there plenty of them coming on another date.
MsT*|Zombie TDM is still under development. I need to balance the damages and the features. After all testing is done, it'll get released and hopefully the mod will get popular. This will be the last try and if it doesn't work, then the server will get closed and properly replaced with something else.
MsT*|Deathrun got all bugs removed and the server got updated. A deal is made with eQ| clan, where they're controlling the server. Though MsT*| is still owning the server and members will get lvl, if they're going to get active there.
MsT*|Mission Impossible is an upcoming MsT*| server. This mod got created and managed by KzH in 4.1 and it was a huge success. Now 4.1 is almost fully dead and I want to move this server to 4.2 to try to see, if it can get popular here too. The mod will contain, what was in the KzH mod, but changed a bit, so it fits our clan. Suggestions, when it comes up, is very welcome, since I can't get all ideas myself.

Changing The Clan!
Throughout November month, I got several reports from both other members, but also players, that our admins were behaving like donkeys. As admin you got more rules you need to follow. After having got all of these reports, I've decided to clean up in the admins. Those admins, who know they've behaved wrongly still got the chance to stop it, else I'll being to remove rights and kick members if needed. I wont say any name, so if you don't want to get revealed, then it's best to stop now! As I always say, there're other players, who wants to join MsT*| clan, which are better admins.
Read the rules, respect them, follow them, be an admin! If that's too much for you now, or always have been, then we'll be happy to get your resignment of your admin rights. I can't tell you how important this is.

]The Management has been great in November. The Event team was very active and made many PCW's with other clans weekly. Hopefully December wont stop it too much.
A new Section got made in November, the Public Communication Management. This Management is focusing on the internet and letting the rest of the world know us. They're having access to our social media sites and making videos for our YouTube channel (Read more below). This Management is searching for members, who want to add posts on our social media sites and create YouTube videos. If you're interested, then apply here, by writing a comment. I hope to see you there!
Remember! This is the place, where you can help the clan and it has shown great results for other things, which you properly didn't expected to see.

YouTube Channel!
Many wanted a YouTube channel throughout November month and it has been decided, that we're opening one very soon. With the opening we're creating an intro with your demos. Now when the channel is open, it's possible to send your demos to Chicken or me and when enough demos are collected, or good individual demos are selected, then we'll make the video and release it for everyones joy! I hope that many members will helpMsT*|Chicken releasing stuff on the YouTube channel, so we got something to watch. The channel will be good for new members, or a good advertsment for our servers.

Invitation For Clan!
The Leaderboard has decided some points, to future recruitments of players.
We aim on having all applicants to fill out all points, but we accept a few missing too.
If you're going to invite your friend, please contact the Leaderboard with his/her apply and send it to MsT*|Goofy too.
Then we'll talk about the application, if many points are filled out. Please accept, if we're going to change it. On going apps will follow the old one, if a new one is made.
1. Speaks fluent (very understandable) English
2. Can type using proper English grammar
3. Goes on TeamSpeak
4. Speaks on TeamSpeak (if possible, as some can't because of reasons)
5. Active on the site
6. Active on the servers
7. Communicates with others
8. Doesn't rage
9. Doesn't insult
10. Hasn't been banned on other servers

If your friend, or the person you want to invite fills out most of the points or all (suggested), then you can ask him/her to fill out an app and send it to the Leaderboard and MsT*|Goofy. Then we'll vote and send you the answer, when we got our final decision.

Website Update!
A little bit of website update has been done in November. MsT*|Google edited the IRC channel page, so if you're new to IRC, then it should help you a bit.
Rules page got edited a bit and it's still being edited. New rules will be made soon, which should solve many of our problems.
Then we began to use our News page again, which I'll continue doing.
For our new website, nothing has been done. We decided what we now wanted and we got people for it. The website will be in Joomla as said before. Though we'll need a VPS to begin working on it. Around 5-10 euro/month is needed and then we can finally get our new and better website.

Clan Survey!
In November I created a survey for our clan. I wanted the clans opinion about what should change in the clan. I'm happy that I got alot of opinions and that makes it possible to change alot in the clan. Many opinions wanted the same and that made it easier. Throughout December month, I'll try to make these changes and I hope help from the members will be there.
Out from this survey, I also created another topic before this, and I've received some good opinions on our zombie server. There might come some new surveys for our other servers.

Your Opinion Counts!
Surveys aren't enough. Many members don't know half of the clan, aren't being told anything etc. I want to change that and make the discussion from the Leaderboard more open. We still wont reveal what we're talking about, but bigger decisions will be open for members, because we want YOUR opinion. We want to avoid the same thing, that happened with our KsL plan (read below).
There might come some more surveys regarding various subjects.

Mapcycle Changes!
One of the most asked things in the surveys, was the mapcycle for Zombie. Now in November I've changed the mapcycle for the Zombie server several times. There were the big change, where alot of new maps got added, but since then alot of them has been disabled. Now I'm still finding new maps, which will be added soon. Other disliked maps will be removed, if there're many dislikes, than likes. If you got map suggestions on maps, which haven't been added yet, then please add their names (and download link) in your comment. I'm going to update the mapcycle pages for each server throughout December month, and I'll try to keep it Up-To-Date.

New Game, Ghost Recon Phantoms?
So I've thought of adding a new game to our community. Urban Terror is different from the other FPS games. Now I've played this game called Ghost Recon Phantoms for some months and it's an awesome game.
It's not like the other FPS games. It's more sci-fi and it's played in 3rd person. It might sound boring, but it has fun gameplay.
Now the game requires a better pc, but if you can run LoL, you can run this too.
If I get enough members to play there (min 5 excluding me), then I'll create a clan and we can play when we got time.
It's possible to play together in the so called "Fireteams", where you can be up to 5 in one Fireteam. So we can play many together.
You can find the requirements here: Click Here!
If we get going in this game, I'll make sure to play together with you, when I got time.

KsL Plan!
Earlier this month we talked about merging together with KsL 2 times. First time the Leaderboard was against it completly, but then KsL got split and we thought about adding them again.
We opened a thread about it to get your opinion and the result has spoken. Also KsL collected itself again, so we decided to close the thread, end the plan and go on.
I hope KsL will continue as it did before. I hope we can stay friends!

XlrReset Plugin Installed!
In November we finally coded the xlrreset plugin. Thanks to MsT*|JomJom you can now reset your stats. And thanks to MsT*|phantasy, so we can reset others stats.
The command is set for lvl 80+, so no abuse will happen. Though as admin, or player, you can ask a lvl 80+ to reset your stats. If your stats are resetted and you didn't ask for it (we'll check the chatlog), then we'll remove the plugin again. If we find lvl 80+ admins too inactive, then we'll properly lower it to lvl 60, but not lower.
The plugin will reset your xlrstats to 0 and reset your points.
Many asked for this plugin for a long time, so now you got it.

Other Plugins Installed!
MsT*|phantasy also installed some other (maybe minor) plugins.
Pbmute, you can as lvl 80+ permanent muting players.
UrTbslap, you can !bitchslap players just like using !slap, but it also slaps you to death.
Voting is like !callvote, but only admins can use it. From lvl 80 you can vote for map.
There're a few plugins in mind for the future.

Other Games!
Many members are playing other games. Games I properly will never get interested in. That's why I thought to give them the permission to create the MsT*| clan in the other games, where I'm not playing. You can recruit your own members, create your own leadership. All this is allowed, as long as you're following these rules: Click here! You can create your own rules, as long as they follow those basic rules.
This is not a requirement, but it'll be very good, if you then you could your members to go on our Ts3 server. They'll get rank, and you can play together, while talking or listening to each other. You'll have full control over the MsT*| clan in the other game. I hope this will make many of you members move to other games and create MsT*| clan there. We need to spread MsT*| to the rest of the world! I'll expand to other games in the near future and I'll try to expand to free games.

Family Quiz?
Do you know every single member in detail in our clan?
No? Yes?
Well no matter if you answered yes, then there're still some who doesn't. Our last topic about presentating ourselves didn't go well.
A few members are telling me, that they don't know many of the members in MsT. They think it's a problem, so I've thought again, why not make a topic where we ALL presentate ourselves, so we know each other better?
I want this to become a success, because it's pretty odd to be in a clan, and only know 1-5 members.
Write in the comment, if this interests you, again.

Now we're entering christmas and christmas is family time. That means, that many of us might join their family and spend much time with them. That can mean you're visiting some family far away. Therefore, if you're going to visit your family in your holidays, or weekends, then please post here. Have a great holiday together with your family!

MsT*| Christmas Tournament!
In December MsT*|Redbullz will be leading a christmas tournament for our clan only. The goal for this is to have fun and play together.
The teams will be with 4 players. It'll be a sr8 only. The tournament will start on 12/13th December, if enough teams registered. More info coming out very soon! Check out the topic here: Click here!

Clan Cup!
I also want to advert this cup. The cup is made by MsT*|Odin and the idea is to get some clans to get some teams together and make a cup out of it, to find the best player and the best clan in UrT. The cup is gonna take place on 4.2. There'll be 3 referees each match, that will keep hacking out. Each match will be recorded and watched to make sure, no hack was in the match. The finals will be livestreamed to twitch. There'll also be prices for the winners: 100$ for the best team, 20$ for the best player. MsT*| still needs some teams. The teams are on 5 players. We need max 10 players. The cup is gonna take place in December/January, so if you got time, then please register here: Click here!

Member of The Month!
This Month Member of the Month is gonna be these two:
MsT*|JomJom, made the xlrreset plugin and is active all the time. A great member for our clan.
MsT*|British, had some problems earlier, but solved them and had been active on the servers.

That's the news for December. Have a nice christmas, or whatever you do in December!
There will be more news later this month and other stuff. Stay tuned!

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