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News Of January!

MsTwD*|Quick'* / Jan 01, 2015 / Monthly News
Hey all.
It’s New Year and then it’s ofc time to some news!
This month it’s a bit different. All the more important stuff are discussed in other topics, while I keep the headers in this topic, for a summary.

New Members!
Nope. Go on reading, there's nothing here to read. This month has been new member free, so nothing here.
You still reading? Gosh..

New Levels!
It has been decided to give levels to a few members:
MsT*|Besy, is now promoted to lvl 60. He does a good job in MsT and even though he got promoted last month, he deserves it again. Keep going!
MsT*|Kammiz, is promoted to lvl 60. He's an old member with much experience and I think he'll help MsT alot in the future.
MsT*|TuzTuz, is promoted to lvl 40. He got his lvl removed back in the time, but he has earned it back.
MsT*|Sp3xi', is promoted to lvl 40. He's active on the servers, and therefore deserves to be promoted.
MsT*|e-dog, is promoted to lvl 20. Active on sr8 server says it all. Have fun!
MsT*|Livius, is promoted to lvl 40. Active on sr8 server says it all here too and he's a good member.
MsT*|Cruz, got highered to lvl 20. Active on all servers. Deserves it.
A few other members are very close to get their level highered. Stay tuned!

I've decided to open recruit again in MsT. We might still be many, but how many of all members are active? I think we need new members into our family to chear us up in our dark days. The recruit will happen like any other recruit. YOU decide on their application. The application form has been updated a bit.
You, as a member, can invite everyone you'd like to. We need every active member there're.
The recruit will last from January 5th to February 8th. Though applicant can fill in their application before 5th January and apply. The application form lays here:
Click here!

New Plugins!
Since we decided to change MsT alot, this also means we added some stuff to the servers. This includes new plugins.
The sr8 server got installed a new plugin called srrec. This is a basic plugin, where you can see the records for sr8. At map end it'll show the persons with the records on that map.
Zombie wasn't forgotten and it also got a record plugin. Though in zombie you got several weapons.
The commands are the following:

!srrec, shows the player with the most sr8 kills on that map
!srtopstats, shows top 3 sr8 killers
!srchallenge, challenge another player to who first kills him with sr8.
!wmaprecord <weapon>, shows top 3 record holders with that weapon.
!wmapstats <weapon>, your records with that weapon that current map.
!wstats <weapon>, check your records with that weapon.
!wtopstats <weapon>, shows top 3 with that weapon.
More is planned for the servers in January.

Upcoming Changes!
Alot has happened in December, also things we didn't think would happen. This has led to the final call and decision. It has been decided to change MsT alot and many things will happen in January. This might make you think, why not now. Well something is going to happen now too, though this is only the first step towards a better future.
As a short summary:
Our problems lays deep into our clan, and many of the problems have followed us for a very long time. It's time to fix them and get back on track with newer stuff. Read the very long post in 3 parts:
Click Here, here, and here!

Lately I've been working around with a new website and I think I found a good design and all that. Whenever I got time I'll work a bit on it. I still got no date on when it'll be ready, but hopefully in some months.

Less Players!
Atm. there're less players on our servers, than there used to be. Now I wont talk to much of it, and it's covered in those topics, but the solution for this is to have you guys playing on the servers. Having our members being active there, even if it's 20 at the same time, makes the server popular and players will join the server.

Return Of Inactive Players!
Lately our member MsT*|Skillz came back to MsT after several motnhs of being on hospital, due to broken arm and leg. When he first entered the servers, he got accussed of faking, by our own members!! Before warning any member for faking, please check roster and auth.

Else this is it for this month. Alot wil happen and I hope you all will take a big part in it. Happy new year!


good news Congratz all members promoved
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I'm back from hospital. Btw., there was a faker with my name this night, who said that I left MsT. It wasn't me because I was on a Party with friends. Please don't be confused now! ;)

Greetz. xSkillzZ ~xSkillBladezZ~
Thank you so much ;)
There are no LB now Quick ? o: There aren't memebrs in LB ....
Leaderboard is removed and now everyone can take a part in deciding stuff here:Click Here!
realy? LB was a excellent thing for decisions in my opinion. And there is no memer of the month ?
I can't access the 3 posts/threads you made Quick, says I have no access, and thanks for the promotion :)
I cant too
Ah yes. I sat it to a higher permission group. Corrected now. Have fun reading!
Thanks Guys that You trust me by giving me 60.