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News of February!

Splashing! / Apr 11, 2015 / Monthly News
Hey all!
So now it's 1st March, and that means news time!!

New Members!
A few members joined MsT in February, so we're soon done with all apps. The rest apps will be progressed in March and done before April.
MsT*|Draky, rejoined MsT. Hope you enjoy it here!
MsT*|TheBoss, joined MsT and has already been good.
MsT*|Sheran, joined MsT. Nice guy, and I hope you like it.
MsT*|R3h@n, joined MsT. I hope you like it here and will be active!
MsT*|Inu-san, rejoined MsT. I hope you're active again!
MsT*|PopCorn, joined MsT. Very active guy, and I hope you'll be good!
I hope you all like being in the clan. We like you all! All new members starts with lvl 10.

New Lvls!
It's not enough with new members. We can't forget our old and loyal members. Therefore some members have earned a higher lvl.
MsT*|Redbullz got highered to lvl 80!
MsT*|Pedro got highered to lvl 80!
MsT*|Livius got highered to lvl 80!
MsT*|Crazy got highered to lvl 80!
MsT*|Besy got highered to lvl 80!
MsT*|e-dog got highered to lvl 40!
MsT*|Doody got highered to lvl 40 by Scream's order!
MsT*|Danny got highered to lvl 40 by Scream's order!
That's all for now, but it's quite a few though. See you on the servers!

Normal Server!
After several requests from several members, I've finally managed to open our MsT*|Normal Server. The gametype is currently TS, but can change, if we find it too unpopular. The server does run modded, but only to add color names and nothing else. If you got any suggestions or ideas for changes, then post them here: Click Here!

Upcoming Stuff!
Throughout February, I've worked hard on the money plugin. After spending many hours in it, it's soon ready for testing, and when the testing phase is done we can make our own money servers.
Though there's still some work left, so it wont happen very soon. If I'm lucky it'll be ready in March, else later.
Also I'm going to share the work of the new website to some members. I hope this will speed up the work on the website a bit.

New Leaderboard!
As you properly remember from the last monthly news, then you remember me opening a Leaderboard vote. This happened, because the old Leaderboard died out, and the Leaderboard is still needed for many things.
Now before I go on telling, who joined the Leaderboard, then I want to write about the different stuff you do in the Leaderboard.
Firstly you're one of the members being able to decide what happens in MsT. You're the one giving the final vote and making sure every suggestion in the Leaderboard + from the members will progress through. So basicly the Leaderboard is collecting the suggestions, and making sure it'll have a decision made.
The Leaderboard also requires you to have alot of time, and that you use it in MsT. Having inactive Leaderboard members wont help at all, and it'd be better with more active members.
So enough reading, lets see who were the lucky ones to join the Leaderboard.
You could vote for 5 members, and I've decided, that there'll be 5 new members.
I'll list the voted members with their name, and their votes:

MsT*|Redbullz - 4 - Accepted!
MsT*|Pedro - 5 - Accepted!
MsT*|Livius - 8 - The grand winner!
MsT*|Pompidou - 2 - Way to few votes.
MsT*|Crazy - 4 - Accepted!
MsT*|Besy - 6 - Accepted!
Congratulations to the new Leaderboard members! I hope they'll serve good for MsT.

Member Of The Month!
The Member of the Month is again going to be MsT*|Redbullz. He really gives alot of his time to MsT, and when problems appears he doesn't hesitate to help. In the future I hope, that he'll be greater for MsT, and that his wishes will come true.
Now to give our loyal members of MsT more access to votes, I've decided, that it's now the members, who votes for the new Member of The Month! Each month ca. 5 days before the first day in the next month, a new topic will be opened, and there you can submit your vote. This might spoil it, but maybe I'll make it closed later, so you do it via a poll, and can't see the answer!
If I wont see interest in this, then I'll just follow my normal path, else I'll keep this going. It's only for testing.

And that's it for this months news! Much needs to be made this month, so we're pretty busy!
Take care and cya on the battlefield!

(This news entry was originally made by Quick)


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