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News of March!

Splashing! / Apr 11, 2015 / Monthly News
Hey guys!
It's time for the monthly news...I know I'm not Quick, but I'll still do my best to have it as good as his news :)

In this month alot has happened! There have left some members and some people have joined:
New members:

MsT*|PraLinchen, a friend of phantasyy, and he seems to be okay ;)
MsT*|``Asd``, our new "I like trains" member ;)
MsT*|MyDoM, reutrned from his inactivity!
MsT*|Kami*, accepted after a long waiting time, but many F1's!

But there have also been some members who left:

Quick'*, our very good friend and leader, who did very much for the clan!
Phantasyy, sadly didn't leave in peace, but he did what he can!
SnoW, because some members insulted him, which wasn't correct of them!
PopCorn, got kicked, for abusing of his rights after getting two chances.

New Lvls!
Not many people deserved a higher level, but these are the ones, who did ;)

MsT*|Gallacc, got his level LOWERED to 40, as he got level 60 too fast, by phantasyy. Don't be angry, but it's unfair
MsT*|TheBoss, got his level highered to Moderator, and is now a member!
MsT*|e-dog, got his level highered to Admin, for being a good, but a little inactive member
MsT*|PraLinchen, got his level highered to Moderator, and is now a member!

That's all about the rights, and now we get to the upcoming stuff:

2v2 tournament: Please make sure to read redbullz's post about the 2v2 tournament and add a comment to it ;)

Departments: Many of you still don't have a Department yet. Please write down your departments under this post! A Department is needed!

Server Manager: We still need somebody to help editing the servers with plugins, fixing it when it goes down, etc....please help!

That's all with the Upcoming things! And now it's finally time for the

Member(s) Of The Month!
There are more people who have done so much for the clan in this month, so The Member(s) Of The Month are
MsT*|RedbullZ again, as he really really does much for the clan! MsT*|Nexus'*, aka. MsT*|Google is helping alot with editing the website and now learns how to fix the server, when it goes down! And last, but not least Quick even, if he's not a member of the clan anymore, he's done so so so much for it, not only in this month. But we want to thank him again, for all that he has done!

That's all about the Monthly news! If you have suggestions, what to make better, write it down on this Thread please! Have fun, Over&Out
(This news entry was originally made by MsT*|RexXxie


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