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News of April!

Splashing! / May 03, 2015 / Monthly News
Hello everybody! So in the past month alot has happened. Before making the post I want to say, that I'm on my phone, so ignore spelling mistakes. But now, lets come to the post.
We've had alot of people leaving and also joining. I also have to announce a not very good thing, which tho is fixable and I will take myself of it.

So I think many of you people have forgot, that there are mentors. Have a look back at the Mentors post again, as we don't want it to get forgotten. It's a very good idea and I think you all already have read it. Now, please everybody who wants a mentor, write him down in the comments and we will see what we can do. just don't forget about it again!

Now to the best thing of the post for the new members Wink
We've got aloooot of people getting promoted, but sadly also many getting kicked :/
So here are the promotions:
-MsT*|Gallacc Lvl 60 (Already had it once, but too fast. Is very active and does alot)
-MsT*|Spawari Lvl 60 (A very good member, who does alot for the clan and deserves it much)
-MsT*|HugsForFree Lvl 20 (Is a good member, still could try to help a bit more in the clan)
-MsT*|Remix Lvl 20 (Very very active, and in my opinion a very good member, deserves it much!)
-MsT*|h@rdcore Lvl 20 (Has already been here again for a certain time, could get a bit more active, but a good member)
-MsT*|Asd Lvl 20 (Could get way more active and Help more. He got the promotion because has stsid here for quite a long time)

These are the people kicked, because of inactivity:
-CraftLP (Too inactive, not very helpfull, come back when you're active again!)
-K@mm!z (Also way too inactive, we gave him a chance, but two months it too much!)
-Inu-San (Never really seen him, so he's very inactive and he also barely plays UrT)

Now let's come to the bad thing!
At the beginning you might get shocked, but wait until you've read all of it.
This doesn't really change anything for you, but it does very much for me.
As I guess many of you might know our Community Leader MsT*|Scream has already warned that he will soon stop paying for the servers to get a bigger ts3 as he doesnt see a future in MsT*|UrT. Well and yes soon is in 2 months, when not earlier. Many of you might know that I am paying about half of the price. I wont say the price, but it's more than 20 Euros for the vps a month. It's not a big sum for a 19 yrs old working guy, but I'm 15, I've just got confirmated and I got alot of money. So it will be easy to pay for some time. I don't want the clan to pay together, that's dumb. It will be very hard to organize. I will so take over the whole price. But don't be mad at Scream, it's his decision, and we can't change it. Also think of all the time he has payed until now. I think it's time to say a big Thank you!

Now I have one more theme to talk about. It's the VPS. We have got a offer from gstar to buy a server with 1hW and have 50/50 of the price and the slots. It will stop the lags on the servers and we would be able to actually do maybe one more server. The price won't be more, so it's a good offer. The only problem is that I think they've stopped finding a server, because they've a bit forgotten about it. With this I just want to say that it would be very nice if it could become a reality soon, as I maybe will have to find something on my own to solve the lag problems.

This is actually all about the news! I think this was alot of informations, good and bad things. Enjoy your weekend! Cu my friends.

This news entry was made by Rexxxie


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