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Half-Month Announcement

Splashing! / May 20, 2015 / Monthly News
Half month announcement.
In the recent poll we asked whether the Leaderboard should invite another member to the Leaderboard, the majority of you said "Yes, we do".
So it's my pleasure to announce that we have invited MsT*| Spawari to the Leaderboard.
Please make him feel welcome and we are sure that he will be a great improvement in the Leaderboard.


What about Gallacc?He could be in LB
Aw just saw this. Congrats Spawari ;)
Im not fussy about joing the LB, so long as we have people that make the clan progress Im good. Spawari is one of the guys I think will do just fine with that job so good luck to you :P
Gz Spawari.Gl with LB job.
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