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Minor updates

Splashing! / Jul 04, 2015 / Server News
Just a couple of updates from me with all the servers and whatnot

We now have a forum rules / guidelines page which can be found here. Breaching these guidelines may resort to either a loss of rank, kicked out of the clan (if excessively breaching) or even a termination of your account. Please read and follow each of the rules, they're there to keep MsT a friendly community.

All our server ip's have changed from to all of the ports are the same so you just have to replace the old ip with the new one if you want to connect through console or you can just browse the servers in the server list.

On another note regarding the server ip's.
To make things easier with remembering and connecting to each server I made it so you only have to remember the port which each server on.
For example;
Our Sr8 server would be
& Our money server would be /conenct
For the full list check our home page.

Our xlrstats page is now up. To check it out go to

This is mainly for the senior admins of MsT but everyone is welcome to read.
Our echelon page is up at so you can register up there if you wish.

MsT*| Splashing! - Leader


Updated the update :O
Why bother with Echleon its useless. Can't see anything and I forgot my login details anyway :P
GG ariiiiiii.
gj splash :D
Oh yeah, gj -D
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