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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting

MsT*| TS Server 4.2

MsT*| Ts Server 4.2 is our all weapons modded server on Urban Terror. Play for fun here with unlimited stamina. Color names is also added, so it still looks beautiful.
We're using B3 Bot on our servers, which makes the chat better. You can do commands ingame. Do "!help" ingame to see all commands you can use or scroll down to our link "Commands".
We don't support hackers in any form. Our admins are told to ban hackers with proof. If you're caught hacking, your ban will be permanent and may never be lifted again.
We're using the tag protection offered by the game, so don't try to steal our tag, because you'll just get kicked. Have fun and see you in there!

Connection Details:
Server IP:
Port: 27961

Mapcycle - Under Development

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Public Banlist - Under Development