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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting

Player Rules:

  1. Not knowing the rules, wont save you from a ban, and may even augment your chances.
  2. Cheating in any form is not allowed on our servers. It'll be punished with a permban.
  3. Never accuse a player. Take a demo instead.
  4. Permbans usually lasts forever.
  5. Avoiding a permban is not allowed without permission from the LeaderBoard.
  6. No racism in any form. It will lead to a ban.
  7. Don't use offensive language. The servers are a better place if you are pleasant instead.
  8. Don't clan stack. Balance the teams to make it fair.
  9. Listen to the admins. They know their job.
  10. Respect other players. The game is only for fun!
  11. Don't advertise your site, server ip or anything else on our servers.
  12. Don't insult any player/admin in any language. It'll make a cleaner chatlog.
  13. Don't steal any clans tag and don't fake other players. You will be banned otherwise
  14. No glitching. 3 walljumps or get away. Be fair!
  15. Don't switch your team. You'll just get forced back and warned.
  16. Don't reconnect to switch teams. Someday you'll be unable to join our server.
  17. Using external software to "help" you ingame is not allowed including mouse software. Script and scroll is allowed!
  18. If you got banned wrongfully keep calm and post a ban appeal. Break no further rules
  19. If you are afk, put yourself in spectator mode.
  20. Don't avoid death! You'll get banned for it!

  21. Admin Rules:

    1. You need to follow all rules and make sure everyone keeps them.
    2. Respect those who has higher ranks. Listen to them, because they deserve their lvl.
    3. If you ban a player for hack, GUID-hack etc., you'll need to have proof. Make screenshots and demos in every case and upload it on the forum.
    4. Be mature and fair. You're the one the players are looking up to.
    5. Do not abuse at all. It'll lead to the removal of your rights.
    6. Always help lower rank admins, so they'll learn it!
    7. Always behave positive. Behaving negative will make the situation worse.
    8. Stay active, or we'll find another one for your job!
    9. Do not ask for higher lvl at any time. We'll just lower it then.
    10. Use your tag unless you're undercover.
    11. You lose your lvl by the following:
  • Insulting, raging or accusing other players in any languages.
  • Warn without a reason. A reason is needed to justify the punishment.
  • Abuse your rights in any way for your own good.
  • Banning people without evidence. Also have screenshots and/or demos.
  • Being inactive for more than 1 month. Without the leaders approval.
  • You give up your rights.
  • Asking for higher lvl too much.
  • Breaking our rules or other servers rules too much.
  • Changing GUID. Only 1 guid with rights.
  • Fighting other admins.
  • Being arrogant and selfish.
  • Not staying neutral.
  • Not doing your admin job.

Leaderboard rules:

  1. You need to be active so you can vote on all changes.
  2. Be fair, because you're deciding the clans future.
  3. Don't abuse your rights. You're the players idol! You'll get your rank removed instantly.
  4. When going away from pc for some days/weeks/months, please tell the leaders over PM or something else, or you'll be kicked out of the LB.
  5. Respect everyone and keep every rule on our and others servers.
  6. Be ready for any new vote. We need your vote to change or add new stuff.
  7. A LB member may be max 1 week inactive on forums/servers,
  8. unless he says he has vacation and goes away for a sertain time and that has been announced to the LB
  9. Make sure everyone in the clan is keeping the rules
Leaderboard isn't only for adding new stuff. The Leaderboard also plan events etc.

Updated 21-10-2015