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MsT*| Sr8 Only 4.2 [MOD]

MsT*| Sr8 Only 4.2 [MOD] is our second modded server on 4.2. It's the classic 4.2 Sr8 Only server known from 4.1. To beat the other team you need to have great jump skills and be good at quickshooting. There's unlimited stamina, so you can jump as much as you want. Sr8 is not all about shooting. You need to get from the start to the end in seconds and even silent. Therefore jumping is a requirement. Though this server got players, who got skills from noob to pro. It's possible to choose some extra stuff.
We're using B3 Bot on our servers, which makes the chat better. You can do commands ingame. Do !help ingame to see all commands you can use or scroll down to our link "Commands".
We don't support hackers in any form. Our admins are told to ban hackers with proof. If you're caught hacking, you'll permbanned and you can't return back again.
We're using the tag protection offered by the game, so don't try to steal our tag, because you'll just get kicked. Have fun and see you in there!

Connection Details:
Server IP:
Port: 27960


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