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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jan 29, 2017)
yeah, merry christmas
(Jan 03, 2017)
Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and are looking forward to what the new year brings!
(Dec 28, 2016)
zombie apocalipse
(Dec 26, 2016)
This place is more dead than a graveyard
(Dec 20, 2016)
if noob read this, pls go to our forum..
(Dec 14, 2016)
noob please check pm thanx :D
(Nov 21, 2016)
(Nov 11, 2016)
:D :P
(Nov 06, 2016)
and damn gally, somehow i knew you would come with it :P
(Nov 06, 2016)
lol noob :D
(Nov 05, 2016)
uhhhh *grabs popcorn*
(Nov 05, 2016)
funny you say omg.. I remember you giving me a call coz your blind ass couldnt find the big ass link on the homepage either :P
(Nov 04, 2016)
omg, just click on the biggest icon of the the main-site -.-
(Nov 03, 2016)
irc is better :D
(Nov 03, 2016)
noob :D
(Nov 03, 2016)
Where do i find the ip of our discord channel? I downloaded discord on my phone today
(Nov 03, 2016)
Accept me, I'm an irl grill
(Nov 03, 2016)
(Nov 02, 2016)